Why Weed sucks compared to Jesus | Dagga legalized in South Africa


This is a response to the recent legalization of Dagga in South Africa, explaining why I believe that Weed sucks compared to Jesus. Leave us a comment what you think about this topic!



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Parts of Transkript:

Today I want to talk about why I believe Weed sucks compared to Jesus. I know it might sound wired and many won´t agree on this, but please stick with me. This won´t be a video about “Don´t take drugs because they are not good for you. It´s about don´t waste your life, because there is something much better for you!”
Recently South Africa legalized Weed for private use. And many people are happy about it and are celebrating the breaking news of last week. And some parts of me can understand them, because I was one of them. I used to smoke weed for about 5 years, so I´m not talking about something I don´t understand or consequences I haven´t experienced myself.

Wherever you go, you hear people talking about Weed like, it makes you happy, gives you peace and overall make you think it only has positive effects on you. Even movies nowadays, portray it in such a way, as if it´s just something fun that´s part of a cool life.

And through that, many start thinking they are missing out if they haven´t tried it yet. Many Christians, especially those who never went off track, feel like, they don´t have a story to tell and somehow regret, not having experienced certain things. But let me tell you, the truth is: You haven´t missed out on anything!

Weed is NOT as good as people make it sound, and you can trust me on this cause, I had to learn it the hard way. After roughly 5 years of smoking weed and taking other drugs, I ended up at a place, where I had to quit my job at Mc Donald´s after being employed for just 1 day, because I literally wasn´t mentally able to take simple orders from people anymore.

I know, many don´t believe in God. But let me tell you, I have experienced him in such radical ways – that the fact if he is real, is completely unquestionable for me. Few years ago, while I was in the process of getting sober, I left home and went to Asia in order to travel and pursue extreme sport. But in that time, He revealed himself to me and started to show me what it really means to follow Him. After so many years of self-hatred, I could finally forgive myself for some of the things I have done. He also freed me of years of porn addiction and personally I have met 3 people that heard God´s audible voice and have never been the same ever since.

But unfortunately, when many of you hear the word Jesus, you think about a boring church service and people that follow religious rules, without displaying much that makes you interested. And you might think: “Why would anybody want that? But hear me when I say: Don´t miss out on the greatest Invitation Jesus offers, only because we as Christians often fail, to reflect him in our lives properly.

But what bothers me most about the fact that people are rejoicing over weed: Is that they don´t realize, that it´s keeping them off from the very purpose they are made for: KNOWING GOD.

And what might sound boring to you, turned out for me to be the most fulfilling and life changing thing I have ever experienced. It´s totally incomparable, He takes me through that adventure where I´m allowed to experience how He is working through me. How he heals people, and brings restoration – it´s so fulfilling.
Something that weed, shrooms, speed, tablets or whatever you take, will never be able to give. At least according to my experience. And I´m not saying it´s easy and doesn´t cost you everything, but what do you actually have to lose? Why don´t you give him a chance, read the word for yourself, ask him to reveal himself to you, and you will realize as much as I do, that everything else is a joke and totally senseless to waste your time with.
And when you as a Christian sometimes wonder why it shouldn´t be fine smoking once in a while, you should ask yourself: Do you just wanna be comfy, or do you wanna make your live count, by doing everything possible to bring Glory to our Lord?
You are created for something greater and so wonderful, so please!

“Don´t waste your time with Weed, because it sucks compared to Jesus.”


If you really read all those fairy tales and propoganda and cant make up your mind about Jesus, you may consider drinking a cannabis infused beer or just roll another bat.

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