Dagga couple from South Africa in Amsterdam: Cannabis Liberation Day 2018


South Africa recently joined among nations that have decriminalized adult use of cannabis in private settings.

Earlier this year the South African “Dagga Couple” were invited speakers at the Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam organised by the Dutch organisation VOC (Verbond voor Opheffing van het Cannabisverbod).

This video features the greetings of the “Dagga couple”, Jules and Myrtle, at the main stage. Below is a description of the Dagga couple, and you can also find useful links to gain more information about the recent court ruling in South Africa.

“Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, better known as The Dagga Couple, have been fighting for the legalization of cannabis in South Africa since 2010. Through the courts they hope to enforce the lifting of the ban. In 2017 their long-awaited trial against the state, ‘The Trial of the Plant’, took place, with a leading role for the English professor David Nutt. With their organizations Fields of Green for All and Join the Queue, they stand up for compatriots who are being persecuted for cannabis.” (https://www.cannabisliberationday.org/speaker/dagga-couple-south-africa/)





Cannabis News Network video “Cannabis on Trial, Fake Protesters and Arguments Against the Truth”:

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